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How To Use Whatsapp Login Online on iPhone 4,5S&6S

How to Install Whatsapp for iPhone 4 & MAC OS;

Here you will get the complete information about how to use whatsapp for iPhone 4, 5S, 6S. This is one of the fastest growing social messaging app that you can easily join with your friends and family. If you are a iOS user, you can't easily able to access the whatsapp login online and so you will come to the conclusion that this iPhone 4S mobile will not permit you to use the whatsapp login feature. But actually there is one simple way is to use the whatsapp login feature from your iPhone. Here by we will provide the detailed information about using the whatsapp and whatsapp web feature from your Apple iPhone.

Nowadays, Whatsapp is one of the primary mobile based instant messaging service app. This app is already got hit in Android, later it got huge hit among the iOS users also. There is one crucible way to use this whatsapp on pc without your mobile and the method is called as whatsapp login. Yes, you can use this method without a mobile and I’ll show you how, but the bottom line is that it’s best to use it on your phone. The messages that you will get on mobile will get easily integrate with pc through the whatsapp online login feature.

Whatsapp for iPhone and iOS
Whatsapp for iPhone and iOS

Methods to use the Whatsapp login From your iPhone and iOS mobile:

After Installing the whatsapp in your iPhone, Open any browser on your pc and then follow the below methods:
  1. Click the whatsapp login to use the whatsapp in online from your pc, the QR code will appear on the screen  
  2. On your iPhone, tap Whatsapp => Menu  => Whatsapp Web => "+" icon
  3. Try to focus your camera exactly on the QR code that appear on the screen.
  4. Once it get detected it will get ingrate with your iPhone automatically. 
  5.  Afterwards your mobile get completely connected with pc, which means you chatting and message details will appear on the desktop.
Whatsapp Web for iPhone
Whatsapp Web for iPhone

Whatsapp Web on iPhone 4S: Excellent Features

  • Complete Integration with pc
  • Same features as available in mobile
  • Allows you the instant chatting service 
  • You can easily chat in groups and individuals

Push Bullet for Notifications and Quick Access;

In this portion we are going to explain that how Push bullet connects your iPhone and computer, this method will allows you to answer to approaching messages on your iPhone through a notification on your screen in your pc. Below image will explain the pictorial information of whatsapp web feature connected with your iPhone. 
 Push bullet for iPhone
  Push bullet for iPhone

How to Download the Push Bullet in your PC:

  1. Download and install Push bullet for your pc
  2. Sign in with the same account on both devices and follow the instructions to connect it with your pc
  3. On iOS, go to Push bullet => Preferences => Settings => Enable Push bullet Notifications and check on
  4. This feature will enable instant notifications for all chat. If you want this feature only on Whatsapp then go to Push bullet => Menu => Mirroring => Only for some apps and select only Whatsapp from the list on your iPhone
Enable push bullet feature
 Enable push bullet feature
The push bullet notification will be appear as we mentioned on above image.

iPhone's Integration Error Occurs with Whatsapp Web: Possible Solutions

Hi guys, we got few mails from iPhone users that about iPhone scanning problem while using Whatsapp login online. The below list contains the best solution for the problem that all iPhone users being faced.

Iphone QR code scanning problem and solutions

  • If you are using any 3rd party app for the scanning then uninstall that app
  • If still that problem occurs then update your whatsapp to the latest version
  • Still the focussing problem occurs then you need to check your iPhone's camera 
  • Reset app settings and try to restore From Icloud backup
  • Scan is one of the best scanning app especially for this whatsapp web feature in iPhone, we suggest to install that app in your iPhone
  • Use the QR code with the iPhone's built-in scanner and it will works
That's it friends, the above article will helps you to use the whatsapp web feature from your iPhone and iOS mobile's. If you have any queries feel free to comment us and we will reply soon. If you want more articles about whatsapp web then refer the whatsapp login online.


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