Friday, 21 February 2020

Official Whatsapp Login Online & Sign Up Web On PC

Whatsapp Login Online: whatsapp is an application which is used by the most of people in the world. Dear friends In this post we will discuss about how to get whats app on your pc by using whatsapp web and other methods also. Here you will get the complete information about how to use whatsapp online and how to get whatsapp login online. Additionally, we explained the Registration / Signup process of whatsapp in desktop. stay tuned guys.

Unfortunately it is impossible to create the whatsapp account in online, But you can access the whatsapp account login in online. Creating the new whatsapp account is not possible, this is because the official whatsapp company didn't provide this service. You can access the best features of whatsapp by login the existing whatsapp account in pc. There is a way of whatsapp login by officially in your pc. Below you can get the complete information about whatsapp login and whatsapp online login.
whatsapp login
whatsapp login
Before knowing the complete information about whatsapp login on desktop, you must be need to know some important information about the whatsapp app. To run whatsapp on computer or desktop, System should have some specific requirements. The system should have 4GB RAM, having minimum space of 5GB and Latest Graphics Drivers should be installed in you PC.

Whatsapp officially announced that users can use whatsapp on our computer or desktop, pc and laptop with the help of web browser. This feature of using the whatsapp login in pc is announced as Whatsapp Web. This features will allow the existing users to use the whatsapp in pc.

How to Use the Whatsapp Login / Whatsapp Sign up:

You must install the whatsapp app on your android mobile phone before using this whatsapp web otherwise this whatsapp login in pc cannot work. 
  • Open the Browser that installed on your system ( e.g: Firefox, Chrome )
  • ""- Copy the link and paste in your URL bar of your browser, then click search.
whatsapp login QR code
whatsapp login QR code
  • You will see a QR code appeared on the browser.
  • Then open you whatsapp app on your mobile phone, in that go to whatsapp web option.
Whatsapp Web
Whatsapp Web
  • After that camera will open in your mobile and scan the QR code that appeared on the screen.
  • After some seconds your whatsapp account get completely integrated in your PC.
whatsapp on pc
whatsapp on pc
That's it friends and now you can use your whatsapp account on pc with the help of whatsapp login. but you can't access complete features of the whatsapp as you using the whatsapp app as in mobile, this whatsapp web have its own restrictions also. Below you can get the complete features and restrictions of whatsapp login on pc.

Whatsapp Login online: Important Features

  • Compact and Complete chat synchronization with you mobile
  • Easily Create the new chat
  • Allows group chatting
  • Allows you to upload the DP and changing the Status of your profile
  • Allows you to sent the stickers to your friends that is used in mobile whatsapp version
  • Allows you to transmit the images, audio files and video files
  • Permits you to check the friends profile picture and status
  • Whatsapp login permits you to send a voice recorded file to you friends and relatives
  • Contains 100+ stickers
  • Get instant notifications
  • Desktop notifications also available, but you need to activate to use this feature
  • Allows you to see you friends "last seen"
  • You will able to search the contacts with the search bar
  • Allows you to see the "Delivered" and "Read" option of your sent messages.

Whatsapp Online Login: Restrictions and Limitaions

  • In whatsapp login, you can't able to access the "Broadcast" option.
  • Cannot change the chatting background.
  • Settings options was disabled in whatsapp login.
  • You mobile need to be connected in internet connection while using the whatsapp login web otherwise whatsapp web cannot work
  • By locking you phone or exiting the whatsapp in mobile will also disconnect the whatsapp in desktop
  • Notification sounds cannot be a changeable one
That's it friends the above list were the Pros and Cons of the whatsapp login. If you have any querries related to the whatsapp login online feel free to comment us and we will fill up your doubts related to using this whatsapp loing online. I hope that you liked this complete information about the whatsapp login and using whatsapp for pc.

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