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Official Whatsapp Login Online & Sign Up Web On PC

Whatsapp Login Online: whatsapp is an application which is used by the most of people in the world. Dear friends In this post we will discuss about how to get whats app on your pc by using whatsapp web and other methods also. Here you will get the complete information about how to use whatsapp online and how to get whatsapp login online. Additionally, we explained the Registration / Signup process of whatsapp in desktop. stay tuned guys.

Unfortunately it is impossible to create the whatsapp account in online, But you can access the whatsapp account login in online. Creating the new whatsapp account is not possible, this is because the official whatsapp company didn't provide this service. You can access the best features of whatsapp by login the existing whatsapp account in pc. There is a way of whatsapp login by officially in your pc. Below you can get the complete information about whatsapp login and whatsapp online login.
whatsapp login
whatsapp login
Before knowing the complete information about whatsapp login on desktop, you must be need to know some important information about the whatsapp app. To run whatsapp on computer or desktop, System should have some specific requirements. The system should have 4GB RAM, having minimum space of 5GB and Latest Graphics Drivers should be installed in you PC.

Whatsapp officially announced that users can use whatsapp on our computer or desktop, pc and laptop with the help of web browser. This feature of using the whatsapp login in pc is announced as Whatsapp Web. This features will allow the existing users to use the whatsapp in pc.

How to Use the Whatsapp Login / Whatsapp Sign up:

You must install the whatsapp app on your android mobile phone before using this whatsapp web otherwise this whatsapp login in pc cannot work. 
  • Open the Browser that installed on your system ( e.g: Firefox, Chrome )
  • ""- Copy the link and paste in your URL bar of your browser, then click search.
whatsapp login QR code
whatsapp login QR code
  • You will see a QR code appeared on the browser.
  • Then open you whatsapp app on your mobile phone, in that go to whatsapp web option.
Whatsapp Web
Whatsapp Web
  • After that camera will open in your mobile and scan the QR code that appeared on the screen.
  • After some seconds your whatsapp account get completely integrated in your PC.
whatsapp on pc
whatsapp on pc
That's it friends and now you can use your whatsapp account on pc with the help of whatsapp login. but you can't access complete features of the whatsapp as you using the whatsapp app as in mobile, this whatsapp web have its own restrictions also. Below you can get the complete features and restrictions of whatsapp login on pc.

Whatsapp Login online: Important Features

  • Compact and Complete chat synchronization with you mobile
  • Easily Create the new chat
  • Allows group chatting
  • Allows you to upload the DP and changing the Status of your profile
  • Allows you to sent the stickers to your friends that is used in mobile whatsapp version
  • Allows you to transmit the images, audio files and video files
  • Permits you to check the friends profile picture and status
  • Whatsapp login permits you to send a voice recorded file to you friends and relatives
  • Contains 100+ stickers
  • Get instant notifications
  • Desktop notifications also available, but you need to activate to use this feature
  • Allows you to see you friends "last seen"
  • You will able to search the contacts with the search bar
  • Allows you to see the "Delivered" and "Read" option of your sent messages.

Whatsapp Online Login: Restrictions and Limitaions

  • In whatsapp login, you can't able to access the "Broadcast" option.
  • Cannot change the chatting background.
  • Settings options was disabled in whatsapp login.
  • You mobile need to be connected in internet connection while using the whatsapp login web otherwise whatsapp web cannot work
  • By locking you phone or exiting the whatsapp in mobile will also disconnect the whatsapp in desktop
  • Notification sounds cannot be a changeable one
That's it friends the above list were the Pros and Cons of the whatsapp login. If you have any querries related to the whatsapp login online feel free to comment us and we will fill up your doubts related to using this whatsapp loing online. I hope that you liked this complete information about the whatsapp login and using whatsapp for pc.

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Whatsapp for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8/XP)

Whatsapp for pc Download free (windows 7/8/xp):

Hi people, with today's post are point is to give you a simple guide on how you can without much of a stretch get this awesome delegate in your Windows 7/8/XP gadget or Mac in PC. Whatsapp is quickly developing courier and the group of its overall clients is expanding radically. It is a cross-stage informing application for smartphones of all acclaimed OS like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and windows and so forth. On the off chance that you are scanning for guide for utilizing it on PC, then you are at perfect place in light of the fact that here you can get download Whatsapp for PC (Windows). 

Whatsapp for pc Download free (windows 7/8/xp)
whatsapp for pc download 
Whatsapp incorporates every single required organization of electronic correspondence e.g. messages, sound, video, photographs and feelings to give you a chance to appreciate best correspondence with your loved ones individuals. This straightforward, individual and ongoing emissary is extremely easy to utilize and not at all like different applications of this classification there is no compelling reason to sign in/out in light of the fact that Whatsapp is dependably on and constantly associated. 

Whatsapp For PC: Excellent Features:

Its components are so detailed to get continuous correspondence with your cherished notwithstanding when you miss push warning or kill your telephone, Whatsapp application will spare your messages to get them on your next utilization of this amazing application. 

Notwithstanding dispose of signing in/out, you additionally needn't to add your companion for visiting as the Whatsapp ambassador get associated with your contact list naturally to show Whatsapp clients.
Folks, Whatsapp for PC gives you best choice to change from SMS to most recent method for correspondence of sending and getting boundless messages, pictures, sound note and even video cuts. 

whatsapp for pc features
whatsapp for pc features

Whatsapp is totally allowed to use for first year and after that you can proceed with its utilization by paying just $ 0.99 USD every year. 

Downloading and membership of Whatsapp is additionally exceptionally easy to use. On the primary opening after its download Whatsapp will ask just your telephone number and afterward you will get OTP to actuate the application, after this nothing is left acknowledge getting a charge out of genuine fun of boundless offering to your encompassing world.

So folks, get Whatsapp for your PC or windows PC to share you area, contacts, media documents messages, sound and substantially more. You might likewise want to utilize this application on your PC, in the event that you think the same then, experience this straightforward instructional exercise given beneath get Whatsapp on PC or on your windows gadgets to appreciate it on vast screen.

Whatsapp for pc (windows 7/8/xp):

So beneath I'm going to share extremely steps and straightforward strides to get download Whatsapp for Windows PC. On the off chance that you discover any mistake like illustrations card not found or representation card drivers are obsolete, then do overhaul design drivers with the most recent form of your PC. 

 Whatsapp for pc (windows 7/8/xp)
whatsapp for pc

So companions now take after beneath ventures to get Download Whatsapp PC Form. 

  • Initially you have to download Bluestacks application player in your PC or PC from this free connection. 
  • Presently introduce it as like other programming. 
  • Open Blue Stacks and utilize seek instrument to discover Whatsapp application. 
  • When you discover the application, download and introduce it. 
  • You can now begin utilizing Whatsapp. 
  Download BlueStacks on your pc free
Download BlueStacks on your pc free

That is about how you can Download and Utilize Whatsapp for PC. Trust you won't discover any trouble while taking after manual for Download Whatsapp for PC. 

We've attempted are best endeavors to give you free downloading Whatsapp to PC or PC (Windows 7/8/XP) guide. On the off chance that you are as yet getting any kind of issue then get in touch with us and we'll attempt to give you arrangement as quickly as time permits. In the event that you like this post on Whatsapp for PC, then do impart it to your companions over online networking sites and continue going by for all the more new related subjects on whatsapp login.

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How To Use Whatsapp Login Online on iPhone 4,5S&6S

How to Install Whatsapp for iPhone 4 & MAC OS;

Here you will get the complete information about how to use whatsapp for iPhone 4, 5S, 6S. This is one of the fastest growing social messaging app that you can easily join with your friends and family. If you are a iOS user, you can't easily able to access the whatsapp login online and so you will come to the conclusion that this iPhone 4S mobile will not permit you to use the whatsapp login feature. But actually there is one simple way is to use the whatsapp login feature from your iPhone. Here by we will provide the detailed information about using the whatsapp and whatsapp web feature from your Apple iPhone.

Nowadays, Whatsapp is one of the primary mobile based instant messaging service app. This app is already got hit in Android, later it got huge hit among the iOS users also. There is one crucible way to use this whatsapp on pc without your mobile and the method is called as whatsapp login. Yes, you can use this method without a mobile and I’ll show you how, but the bottom line is that it’s best to use it on your phone. The messages that you will get on mobile will get easily integrate with pc through the whatsapp online login feature.

Whatsapp for iPhone and iOS
Whatsapp for iPhone and iOS

Methods to use the Whatsapp login From your iPhone and iOS mobile:

After Installing the whatsapp in your iPhone, Open any browser on your pc and then follow the below methods:
  1. Click the whatsapp login to use the whatsapp in online from your pc, the QR code will appear on the screen  
  2. On your iPhone, tap Whatsapp => Menu  => Whatsapp Web => "+" icon
  3. Try to focus your camera exactly on the QR code that appear on the screen.
  4. Once it get detected it will get ingrate with your iPhone automatically. 
  5.  Afterwards your mobile get completely connected with pc, which means you chatting and message details will appear on the desktop.
Whatsapp Web for iPhone
Whatsapp Web for iPhone

Whatsapp Web on iPhone 4S: Excellent Features

  • Complete Integration with pc
  • Same features as available in mobile
  • Allows you the instant chatting service 
  • You can easily chat in groups and individuals

Push Bullet for Notifications and Quick Access;

In this portion we are going to explain that how Push bullet connects your iPhone and computer, this method will allows you to answer to approaching messages on your iPhone through a notification on your screen in your pc. Below image will explain the pictorial information of whatsapp web feature connected with your iPhone. 
 Push bullet for iPhone
  Push bullet for iPhone

How to Download the Push Bullet in your PC:

  1. Download and install Push bullet for your pc
  2. Sign in with the same account on both devices and follow the instructions to connect it with your pc
  3. On iOS, go to Push bullet => Preferences => Settings => Enable Push bullet Notifications and check on
  4. This feature will enable instant notifications for all chat. If you want this feature only on Whatsapp then go to Push bullet => Menu => Mirroring => Only for some apps and select only Whatsapp from the list on your iPhone
Enable push bullet feature
 Enable push bullet feature
The push bullet notification will be appear as we mentioned on above image.

iPhone's Integration Error Occurs with Whatsapp Web: Possible Solutions

Hi guys, we got few mails from iPhone users that about iPhone scanning problem while using Whatsapp login online. The below list contains the best solution for the problem that all iPhone users being faced.

Iphone QR code scanning problem and solutions

  • If you are using any 3rd party app for the scanning then uninstall that app
  • If still that problem occurs then update your whatsapp to the latest version
  • Still the focussing problem occurs then you need to check your iPhone's camera 
  • Reset app settings and try to restore From Icloud backup
  • Scan is one of the best scanning app especially for this whatsapp web feature in iPhone, we suggest to install that app in your iPhone
  • Use the QR code with the iPhone's built-in scanner and it will works
That's it friends, the above article will helps you to use the whatsapp web feature from your iPhone and iOS mobile's. If you have any queries feel free to comment us and we will reply soon. If you want more articles about whatsapp web then refer the whatsapp login online.

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New- Whatsapp For Windows Phone Free Download

Whatsapp for windows phone 8.1Download Free:

Welcome to Whatsapp login dude. Here in this post, we are going to look how to download and use the trending app called WhatsApp on your windows phone. stay tuned and follow the instructions below. Whatsapp a well know phone application broadly accessible for android, windows smartphone blackberry, Nokia phones, and iPhone. Whatsapp makes utilization of WiFi or 3G send messages to family and friends. It is an extraordinary option for all the advanced phone users to change from SMS to WhatsApp to get and send messages, pictures, video messages and sound notes. For utilizing Whatsapp for windows phone there are sure prerequisites that should be taken after. The gadget ought to be working under windows phone 7.5 or above and must get dynamic web association.

Whatsapp is an amazing app which is available in all languages it will use the phone storage only other social media apps are like facebook and twitter are using storage on the web but in WhatsApp, we can access our own storage so it is safe and secure.

whatsapp for windowsphone

Windows Phone 8.1 And Technical Descriptions:

With windows phone 8.1 still a well-known stage in the wide versatile business sector, the best applications for those that runs it are something which is at a premium. Indeed, even few of the regular applications from rumored organizations is by all accounts losing or require an upgrade from windows phone 7 variant, today, WhatsApp has given an official exoneration to the individuals who starved for application right on time by conveying upon a well-known delegate application to the windows telephone 8.1. With the trek in rates and SMS regularly cost a fortune, Whatsapp Windows Phone 8.1 errand people gives an allowed to utilize administrations to the individuals who have associated with 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. The most recent discharge on WhatsApp additionally backings windows mobile 8.1 with gadgets including HTC windows phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920.

whatsapp for windows phone 8.1
WhatsApp on windows phone

Whatsapp in Windows Phone- System Requirements:

Informing through WhatsApp is totally free given the client to need certain kind of information arrangement under use on their cell phone. It is possible that it can be a 3G or 4G or even a Wi-Fi association; they ought to guarantee that they are connectible in order to make utilization of the administration. The 8.1 variant of windows mobile gives out a vibe and look as it generally has on windows mobile 7.x and no critical changes have been accounted for in the general usefulness or the client interface. With the lack of utilization being accounted for windows mobile 8, Whatsapp Windows mobile 8.1 has defeated this issue as a valuable application with noteworthy components
Requirements to use whatsapp in windows phone
WhatsApp on different windows phone devices

Whatsapp for windows phone: Exciting Features

Informing through WhatsApp is totally free given the users to need certain kind of information arrangement under use on their cell phone. It is possible that it can be a 3G or 4G or even a Wi-Fi association; they ought to guarantee that they are connectible in order to make utilization of the administration. The 8.1 variant of windows mobile gives out a vibe and look as it generally has on windows mobile 7.x and no critical changes have been accounted for in the general usefulness or the client interface. With the lack of utilization being accounted for windows mobile 8, Whatsapp Windows mobile 8.1 has defeated this issue as a valuable application with noteworthy components.

signup the WhatsApp application windows phone:

signup and setup with tha application
signup and setup
Whatsapp Windows phone 8.1 is absolutely liberated to be introduced yet requires 99 penny for every year for membership after the first year. To begin utilizing the WhatsApp application, you will need to enter the telephone number. Subsequent to entering the number, there will be an instant message sent by WhatsApp to the client's cell phone. Whatsapp includes naturally the windows telephone top choices. The application has three swipe by areas. The content interface of WhatsApp is clear furthermore charming. The client has the office of including the standard choice of emoji and grins in their visits and the informing page will show if the other individual is writing.

Whatsapp Features latest 

Download Whatsapp for windows phone:

WhatsApp Delivery person is a cross-stage portable informing application which permits you to trade messages without paying for SMS.WhatsApp Flag-bearer is accessible for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Since WhatsApp Ambassador utilizes the same web information arrange for that you use for email and web searching, there is no expense to message and stay in contact with your companions.Notwithstanding fundamental informing WhatsApp clients can make assembles, send each other boundless pictures, video and sound media messages. Whatsapp is additionally accessible for these versatile stages: Apple iOS and Android.                               

Features of WhatsApp in windows phone:

No shrouded costs

Once you and your companions download the application, you can utilize it to visit as much as you need. Send a million messages a day to your companions for nothing! WhatsApp utilizes your Web association: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when accessible.


Send Video, Pictures, and Voice notes to your companions and contacts.

Bunch Talk: 

Appreciate bunch discussions with your contacts. Include or Evacuate bunch members, change bunch subject and set a gathering symbol.


Set a profile photograph which will have appeared to every one of your contacts

No global charges: 

Simply like there is no additional expense to send a worldwide email, there is no expense to send WhatsApp messages universally. Talk with your companions everywhere throughout the world the length of they have WhatsApp Errand person introduced and maintain a strategic distance from those bothersome worldwide SMS costs.

Say no to sticks and usernames:

  Why considerably try remembering yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with your telephone number, much the same as SMS would, and incorporates immaculately with your current telephone address book.

No compelling reason to sign in/out: 

No more perplexity about getting logged off from another PC or gadget. With push warnings, WhatsApp is dependable on and constantly associated.

No compelling reason to include mates: 

Your Location Book is utilized to consequently interface you with your contacts. Your contacts who as of now have WhatsApp Detachment will be consequently shown under Top choices, like a mate list.

Disconnected from the net Messages: 

Regardless of the fact that you miss your push warnings or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will spare your messages logged off until you recover them amid the following application use.

Furthermore, a great deal more:  

Share area and spots, Trade contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom warning sounds, Scene mode, Message timestamps, Email talk history, Show messages and media to numerous contacts on the double, and much a great deal more.

Different improvements and bug fixes Whatsapp for windows phone:

  • WhatsApp now opens speedier 
  • Offer Area: drop and drag pin give you a chance to share an exact area 
  • You can now add subtitles to photographs and recordings 
  • Edit and turn photographs 
  • Added capacity to chronicle visits and gatherings 
  • Every visitor gathering can now have its own particular foundation 
  • Better backing for telephones with high determination screen.
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{Top 10} New And Best WhatsApp Features List

10 New WhatsApp Features You Ought to Think About:

Hi, bro's today we are going to discuss about the best features of whatsapp and the upcomimg features of whatsapp. When you're using an application day as a part of and day out, it's not entirely obvious out on new components that get included. You get a warning for a redesign, you upgrade, and you keep utilizing it as you generally did. In any case, what did you get in every one of those upgrades? With WhatsApp, a considerable
whatsapp features
WhatsApp features
The best interpersonal organization or moment delivery person application is the one which the majority of your loved ones use. WhatsApp login has a mind blowing client base now, and subsequent to getting to be one of the quickest developing interpersonal organizations, it's currently adding elements to make it a strong, powerful application. Whether you know it or not, late upgrades have brought some cool new elements, from featuring messages to moving down your visit logs to Google Drive. The majority of these progressions are reflected in the new WhatsApp for Android, however, they ought to be accessible on iPhone soon enough. On the off chance that you utilize WhatsApp login, you have to know this.

When you're utilizing an application day as a part of and day out, it's not entirely obvious out on new components that get included. You get a warning for a redesign, you upgrade, and you keep utilizing it as you generally did. In any case, what did you get in every one of those upgrades? With WhatsApp, a considerable amount

"Star" Messages to Discover Them Later:

"Star" Messages

WhatsApp login now gives you "a chance to star" messages. Long-squeeze any message, pick the Star in the top menu bar, and proceed onward. It's precisely like a bookmark or a top choice.

When somebody sends a critical message on WhatsApp, you can't spare it. Thinking that its later can be an agony, regardless of the hearty web crawler in WhatsApp. One of our workarounds was to utilize hashtags to stamp imperative messages. In any case, now, there's a cool new instrument. 

Go down Visits to Google Drive: Whatsapp Features
Google Drive
On the off chance that you coincidentally erase your WhatsApp talk history, you can restore it in a couple steps. In any case, consider the possibility that you lost your telephone, or got another one, or needed to reset your current stockpiling. While WhatsApp goes down visit history frequently, there's presently a less demanding (and better) way: Google Drive. 
The new form of WhatsApp login for Android lets you consequently reinforcement your talk logs to Google Drive. Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup > Google Drive Settings and set it up. I'd suggest going down day by day (you can pick week after week, month to month, or manual), over Wi-Fi just (in this manner sparing information costs), and including recordings. 
Recollect that, you can get 1 TB of Google Drive stockpiling for nothing, so to the extent WhatsApp reinforcements go, you ought to be fine regardless of the fact that you transfer the majority of the recordings and photographs.

Simpler Approach to Clear Visits: Whatsapp Features
Clear Visits
In case you're now moving down those visits, there's no purpose behind you to keep truly old messages, right? It's an ideal opportunity to clear things up, and WhatsApp login has made it less complex than at any other time. 

Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat History > Clear All Chats and you'll see three alternatives: all messages, messages more seasoned than 30 days, or messages more seasoned than 6 months. Pick what you need and WhatsApp will do the rest. 

You can do this same activity with particular talks as well, whether with people or gatherings. In any visit, tap Menu > More > Clear Chat and you'll see the same three alternatives. Straightforward, eh?

Mark Messages as Read or New: Whatsapp Features

Mark Messages 
You can now Hide your WhatsApp status or when you were most recently seen, which is incredible. However, for your very own utilization, once in a while, you might need to stamp a message as new. 

Consider it in the email. The capacity to right-snap and check as new is an awesome approach to advising yourself that you haven't completely enlisted an email, that you have to answer to it, or that it's vital somehow. 

You can now do that in WhatsApp as well. Pick a visit with any contact or gathering, long-press on it, and tap "Imprint as Unread"— yup, as basic as that. You can do the inverse as well—long-press a visit you haven't read and you'll see a choice to "Stamp as Read", so it appears like you've perused the message while never opening the talk. 

Do note this doesn't mean change the message's status for your beneficiary. The beneficiary still sees that you have perused the message. It just reflects as new in your own telephone. 

Mark as read/new has likewise advanced toward WhatsApp login Web on your desktop.

Use Custom Notices for Individuals and Gatherings Join Sneak peaks.

Custom Notices
Custom Notices
A few contacts and visit gatherings are more vital than others, isn't that so? All things considered, then set an alternate kind of warning caution for them. WhatsApp login has taken off custom warnings. 

One of the foundations of blocking portable diversions is to permit the right individuals through and cut off others, and that is the thing that this component does. Open any talk, tap the title bar, and you'll discover a possibility for Custom Notifications. 

In it, you can set the notice tone, vibration impact, popup notice, and the shade of the LED light for new messages. For Whatsapp login voice calls, you'll just get custom ringtones and vibrations.
These are the features of the WhatsApp and you can use the Whatsapp app in PC through the Whatsapp login online.

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